Water in Weld Timeline

By Carol Rein Shwayder

From Weld County Old and New Volume 1 1836-1983

Spanish Explorer Villasur 1790 Called Platte, Rio de Chato (shallow or thin)

Mallet Brothers 1739 River la Platte (French for flat)

South Platte (South fork of the Platte River)

Irrigation: Union Colonists dug cannel from Cache La Poudre River by Benjamin Eaton, Abner Baker, BD Sanborn

St Vrain Ditch Co April 16,1863

Ft Wicked Ditch Co 1872

1869: Bridge over Platte River planked by horse teams

1870-1871: Ditch #2 (Cache La Poudre Irrigation Co.)

1874: Greeley & Ft Collins battle over water rites of Cache la Poudre Ditch Co.

Brantner Ditch 1859

Holon Godfrey’s Ditch 1860

Big Bottom Ditch 1863

Eaton Hill Ditch 1863

Greeley (Union Colony #2 & #3) 1870

Fort Wicked Ditch 1872

Under the Ditch 1873

Schneider Ditch 1876

Loveland-Greeley Cannel 1881

1928: Moffat Tunnel completed

1936: Colorado Big Thompson Project completed

1947: Alva B. Adams Tunnel completed

1902: Reclamation Act signed by T. Roosevelt 50 years old Celebrated Colorado Big Thompson water project making Weld County leader in Ag

1950: Cloud seeding by ranchers at a cost of $50,000

July 1951: Narrows Dam proposed across South Platte River and Bijou Creek at Ft. Morgan. Water to cover 26,165 acres and the towns of Weldona, Goodrich, Orchard and Riverside Cemetery would be relocated.

Feb & March 1954: Blowing dust in North Weld County worst since 1930’s

Aug 2,1956: series of rain storms broke drought: no hail but flood damage

1956: drought - South Platte River nearly gone.

1961: 2nd wettest year on record 18.75”; records kept since 1888

June 14, 1965: once in a century storm. Arkansas River, South Platte River and Big Thompson flooded.

1967: Platteville, Greeley, Galeton, Kuner, Gilcrest and Windsor hit by hail

July 31, 1976: Big Thompson Flood

Jan. 17,1982: hurricane force winds

1982: Land Act Prohibited plowing up Grasslands

1983: wacky weather very hot and dry

1983: big flood summer record breaking heat

Sept 19, 1983: 30 degree drop in 24 hours 92 at noon and 14 by morning of the 20th