Weld County Old and New: Places

Originally published in Weld County Old and New Volume 1, 1836-1983

1836: Lancaster Lupton’s Fur Trading Post

Settlements Lupton, St Vrain, Vasquez

1859: First land claim H.J. Graham July 21,1859, St Vrain Claim Club, Union Colony at Greeley

1884-1887: National Trail, cattle trail from Texas–Montana through Brush

1910-1911: Oliver T. Jackson started Dearfield buried in Linn Grove Cemetery with wife Minerva J.

1932: Flood uncovered Dent Site (prehistorical archeology) southwest of LaSalle. Clovis Point, one large male mammoth, several females and young dated 9200BC

1935: Old Fort Vasquez restored at Platteville

1937: 14,639 acres set aside for Pawnee National Grasslands

1949: Fire destroyed much of original Cranford Building on Colorado State School (now UNC). Built 1890-91. Building razed

1954: December: construction began Greeley Community Building (quonset) 10th Ave & 7th St.

1957: Ft. Vasquez restored 1958; opened port of entry

1958: Meeker house restored to original part

1960: New Weld County Library Building at 2227 23 Ave. opened

June 20, 1960: 192,960 acres set aside for Pawnee National Grasslands.

1963: J.M.B. Petriken house, 11Ave. & 20th St (Inspiration Point) moved to make way for CSC, (now UNC) Student Center, opened in Jan 1965. This was land that had never been plowed.

1964: B.P.O. Elks Lodge #809, 9th ST.& 10th Ave., sold to Weld County for Services Building.

Oct.12, 1967: Greeley Civic Center Complex finished. Now library & fire station

Nov. 17, 1967: Country estates Mobile Home Park established. 30 acres at 3500 35th Ave, Evans

1968: Greeley City Hall razed between 9th & 10th Ave and 7th St.; built 1907

1972: James A Michener Library Opened

Jan 30, 1975: Windsor depot built in 1882, donated to Town of Windsor for Museum.

1976: Evans new fire station out of old fire station

1976: Grover and Hereford called “Pawnee Country”

Aug 9-14 1976: Platteville’s “Rendezvous Days”

1978: Carbon Valley Historical Museum at Frederick established. (Coal)

1978: Zion Lutheran Church moved from Grover to Centennial Village.

1978: 108 year old “70 Ranch”, near Hardin, owned by James E. Williams and James W McCrum sold to W.D Farr.

April 8, 1982: Beebe Draw Cemetery got a new iron gate. (John Oster donated the land in 1915).

Aug 1, 1982: 72 year old La Salle depot moved up Main St. became recreation center.

1983: Union Colony Civic Center stared to be built.