“When you got big enough to carry a dinner bucket without it bouncin’ along the ground, you were big enough to go down in the mine.”

-Joe “Cotton” Fletcher, Erie miner.


“There were four saloons here then...all had signs ‘No Women Allowed’

- Katie Moore (1901-1990) Evans resident.

Fort Lupton

“…W.G. Winbourne, arrived in the Fort Lupton country in the early [18]50’s…attracted…by the luxuriant meadows on the west side of the Platte River, where he homesteaded and settled down for life”.

Winbourne’s nephew, William Cheely; March 8, 1936. Collection


“…Perhaps the [newspaper] Johnstown Breeze should change their name as it is too suggestive…”

week of June 29, 1928 – The Eaton Herald referring to the Johnstown tornado

New Raymer

“Very lonesome seeing the train pulling across [the] prairie to Sterling.”

c1913 – Bertha (Blair) Carlson


“[The] First white man’s government in the present limits of Weld County was established at St. Vrain, four miles north of Platteville on the banks of the South Platte River Oct. 6, 1859.”

The Greeley Tribune, July 30, 1937


“With the advent of the railway, more people began to settle in this beautiful Cache la Poudre valley, where the first irrigation on any extensive scale in Colorado was being practiced with success.”

1949 - by Roy Ray from “A History of Windsor Colorado”