Marquez's Mark – the 150th Anniversary Logo

Weld County 150th Anniversary Celebration Logo created by Nick Marquez

Story by Jennifer Finch

When the planning for the sesquicentennial of Weld County began, the County Commissioners knew they wanted to commemorate the event with a special logo. A design contest, open to all Weld County employees, was announced; the winner of the contest would have their logo appear on all county documents throughout 2011.

Nick Marquez, an employee with the Public Works Department, knew that designing the 150th Anniversary logo would be no easy task, but it was a task he took on eagerly. Marquez, who has more than 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, had designed logos for the county before including the Safety and Wellness program, the Smart Energy program and the Employee Medical Clinic. The 150th Anniversary logo contest was a challenge that not only intrigued him as a county employee but also as a man with a passion for art. “I don’t do as much I used to or would like,” said Marquez, “but when the opportunity presents itself I certainly try to take advantage of it.”

Marquez recognized by the board of county commissioners for his design of the Weld County 150 logo “I went through ‘tons’ of drafts,” Marquez said. “Some made it through the draft  phase and were submitted to the Commissioners for the competition.”

On July 28, 2010, the County Commissioners announced that Marquez’s logo was selected as the official 150th Anniversary logo.

“The one that was selected was by far my favorite,” said Marquez. “It was also the very last one I designed. I was after an ‘antique’ but not so ‘antique’ look – thus the green ‘hills’ that flow through the 150. The logo, overall, conveys the feeling of history and progress at the same time.”

Marquez celebrated an anniversary of his own last month – his five-year-anniversary as a Weld County employee. “I was originally hired on to work in the Maintenance Support Department of Public Works as the Sign Tech. In August 2007, I was transferred to the Engineering Department as an Engineering Technician, essentially a road and bridge construction inspector. I inspect privately funded road construction projects and test soils, concrete and asphalt for our own construction crews.”

Marquez and his wife Gracie, a Weld County Employee with the Coroner’s Office, have four children: Nichol (14); Cami (12); Conan (10); and Hawke (7).

“Whenever the R&T Electric truck rolls by with ‘my’ logo, I tell the kids ‘Look kids, it’s Dad’s truck!’ and then the kids mumble ‘Bye Dad’s truck.’ I think they’re over the novelty of seeing my logos,” explained Marquez. “But for me, it’s a treat each and every time. What’s special about this one is, as one friend put it, is that it will be a part of history – Weld County isn’t going anywhere.”

In addition to designing the logo for the 150th Anniversary of Weld County, Nick Marquez also designed the logos for the county's Safety and Wellness program, the Smart Energy program and the Employee Clinic.