Great Progress Recorded in Galeton in '27

Submitted by Stella Wright

The following update of Galeton's community progress is reprinted from THE EATON HERALD'S edition of June 17, 1927.

Galeton, our neighbor to the east, has made considerable progress in civic improvement and unity during the past year. Tho not yet incorporated, such a move will probably be made within a few years.

The extension of the electric light line to the town last fall gave the residents all the advantages that come with electric power and at present nearly every house and store in the village is wired and using juice for both light and power.

The community waterworks, built several years ago, has recently been remodeled and is serving practically all the houses there.

Last February a men's club was organized and has been holding meetings twice a month. It functions both as a social club and as a chamber of commerce. At present the club is going thru some of the struggles and disappointments common to all such organizations, but with the coming of winter and the lessening of farm work, its officers believe that the club will be on a firm foundation. Those who signed up for membership at the start are: P.A. TISDEL, W.J. BOYD, S.E. ATKINSON, D.H. FRANTZ, W.J. KENNEDY, H.W. ANDERSON, Roland JOHNSON, Elmer GUSTAFSON, Frank PURVIS, T.H. BOYD, L.R. WOOD, H.G. FRENCH, R.S. OSBAUGH, Virgil EUBANK, David FAGERBERG, J.G. HEMENWAY, WM. BENDER JR., Jacob ANDREWS, Geo. NAZARENUS, F.A. TAGGART, R.G. LEADBETTER, N.V. CARNEY, S.F. DILLARD, U.S. WARD, T.J. LUTTRELL, Tom LUTTRELL JR., E.E. COLLINS, I.J. KENNEDY, Ollie EUBANK, L.C. McCARTY, A.B. JOHNSON, David E. KELLEY, E.G. GIBSON, Union WARD, C.O. HOBURG, T.H. WARD, Carl LINDEBURG, A.C. DEWEY, S.A. WOOD, Glen SIEGRIST, J.M. LABANE, B.B. BROWN, E.E. ABBOTT, Tom SIEGRIST, Richard. NAZARENUS, Arthur COOPER, Alfred PIERCE, and Fred FRANTZ. The officers of the club are S.E. ATKINSON, president; B.B. BROWN, vice president; W.J. BOYD, secretary-treasurer. Meetings are held twice a month, one in the school house and the other at the Galeton Cafe. Good programs are planned for these meetings and the officers are working hard to make a success of the new club.

Another public improvement soon to be started is a new combined gymnasium and auditorium, which will be built between the two present school buildings, according to the plans of the board of education composed of N.V. CARNEY, E.H. KLUSSMAN, and Thomas McKAY. A bond issue of $10,000 was voted recently to furnish money for this project.

Two find residences are being built this spring in the Galeton district. W.J. BOYD is erecting a 6-room bungalow in town, complete with a fireplace, running water, electricity and large sun porch. Geo. NAZARENUS is putting up a fine residence on his place a mile east of town. Tho built on the bungalow style, it will have rooms on the second story and a full basement fitted with rooms for the farm help.

The business firms in the town appear to be prospering. The Galeton Motor Company, headed by W.J. and T.H. BOYD, has a well-stocked hardware in addition to the repair shop, where Leslie KEETON has charge of repairing and blacksmithing.

After his disastrous fire of last winter, B.N. FRITZ built a nice appearing store on the highway and has it well equipped to handle both groceries and dry goods.

N.V. CARNEY, the pioneer merchant of the city, is doing well in his general merchandise store.

The Galeton Cafe, operated by Mr. and Mrs. E.E. ABBOTT, is furnishing unattached Galetonites and transients with wholesome food. Mrs. ABBOTT also holds the position of postmistress. Mr. ABBOTT has been kept busy this summer at the painting trade.

George BRICKLEY, manager of the Galeton branch of the Potato Growers Cooperative Co., says that the crop prospects in the district are excellent.

Mrs. R.G. DENTRY is keeping the city Drug store going in a first-class manner while Mr. DENTRY works in Eaton.

B.B. BROWN, manager of the Weller Lumber Yard, is being kept busy this spring getting out materials for the various building operations in the district.

A great share of the social activities of the town center around the Evangelical Church, formerly the Community Church, and the only place of worship in the town. Reverend DONNENWORTH, pastor, and Mrs. DONNENWORTH, are leaders in every good cause in the community.