William A. Cannon Helps Light Greeley

The following was submitted by Doug Cannon.

I saw the 150 Year Weld County history page, and wanted to share a story and a couple of pics!

My grandfather, William A. Cannon, was the City Electrician for Greeley in the '50s and '60s. When traffic lights came to Greeley in the late '50s, he was the one who supervised the installation of all the lights. He also oversaw the city water supply and sewer system.

One of his favorite things was lighting the city buildings each Christmas.

Polaroid of William Cannon

William Cannon with a water purification system in Greeley in 1962. Photo provided by Doug Cannon.

Polaroid of the Courthouse lit up

William Cannon's Christmas lighting at the old courthouse in downtown Greeley. Photo provided by Doug Cannon.