History of the 19th Judicial District

A table in a room in the courthouse

The history of the courts provides a glimpse into Weld County's past. Through the years, courtroom drama has been the source of anger, anxiety, fear and joy. We invite you to look with us at milestones that have marked the court’s history.

Early settlers ventured west induced by stories of gold and free land opening the pathway to Weld County as we know it today. Many communities started as Union Colony as individuals and families acquired land in the vicinity. Laws were simple - fulfilling the immediate needs and conditions.

Colorado was admitted to the union as a state on Aug. 1, 1876. The state’s original constitution provided for a Supreme Court with a bench of three justices, as well as four judicial districts, with one judge serving each. Justices of peace settled basic civil cases while the judges rode the circuit traveling between the counties hearing more serious cases. At the time our Court House was completed, Weld County shared judges with Larimer and Boulder counties. 

Join us in journey through time looking at court cases that have captured the attention of the nation, a pictorial history of the Court House building and its unique architectural features, the influence water court has had on Weld County’s journey into the Twentieth Century, and educational information for all ages.

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