Discover the Weld County Courthouse Clocks

Inside of a Clock

While the Weld County Courthouse boasts some of the most beautiful architecture, stained glass and ornate plaster carvings of any building in the state, perhaps its most coveted feature is its pneumatic system of clocks. This system, powered by the large grandfather clock on the second floor, uses compressed air and a labyrinth of pipes to move the hands of the four subordinate clocks.

This was a particularly noteworthy addition to the building during its construction in 1915 as, at the time, these systems were considered a luxury; they were more reliable and budget-friendly opposed to electrical clocks, which then required heavy and expensive acid batteries.

These clocks proved to be a sound investment—they ran for decades, with a special courthouse employee stopping by throughout each day to re-crank the grandfather clock to keep the system in sync.

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