A Fair to Remember

1923 Weld County Fair - image on loan from the private collection of Jennifer Finch

The Weld County Fair Adds Sesquicentennial Classes to 2011 Exhibitions

In celebration of Weld County’s Sesquicentennial, the Weld County Fair board has announced the addition of several classes that will be part of the 2011 activities commemorating Weld County’s 150-year history. Some of the exhibits in the commemorative classes will be donated to various county organizations as part of the “Give Back to the Community” Program.

Exhibitors in the anniversary classes will receive a 150th Weld County Participation Certificate from the 150th Anniversary Committee signed by the County Commissioners. This certificate will be presented to all entrants in recognition of their participation in the anniversary celebration.

Pre-entry is recommended, but not required. Weld County Fair Books will be available after May 1, 2011, at the Weld County Extension Office, 525 North 15th Ave., Greeley, or online at www.weldcountyfair.com. For more information, please contact Kathy Rickart at 970-576-8970.

Sesquicentennial Celebration Classes:


Baking Department - 150th Weld County Anniversary Cookie Jar & Pre-Fair Bake Sale - The class is a sampling of cookies/bars in any see-through container. Container may be embellished. First place winner will be asked to make another batch of cookies for the Official Opening of the New County Building, November 21, 2011. The Cookie Jar will be sold in a Silent Auction at the Grand Opening of the new Weld County Building, Nov 21, 2011, and funds will go to the Weld County Meals on Wheels. There will also be a Pre-Fair Bake Sale at the Events Center, Tuesday, July 26, from 2-5pm. Proceeds go to the Weld County 4-H Youth Executive Council.

Cake Decorating Department - 150th Weld County Anniversary Cake – The fair exhibit does not need to be a real cake. First place winner will be asked to remake a real cake for the Grand Opening of the New Weld County Building on November 21, 2011. It will be in a silent auction and funds will go to A Woman’s Place.

Clothing and Novelty Sewing Department – Apron - Since aprons were used by our ancestors and it has become the “trendy” thing today for young cooks, it seems appropriate to have an apron class. First place winner will be asked to donate the apron to the Silent Auction, November 21 at the Grand Opening of the New County Building. Funds will be donated to Weld County Suicide Education and Support Services.

Fiber Arts, Hand Spun Yarn and Weaving Department - Newborn Caps - Since our pioneers made most of the winter headwear by crocheting or knitting, it seems fitting to have a newborn baby cap class to commemorate the 150th Anniversary. All newborn caps will be donated to the hospital to be given to our newest Weld County residents born at Weld County Medical Center. Contact Kathy Rickart at 970-576-8970 for patterns. Youth Cap – Youth caps using any pattern and yarn can be made. Please attach care instructions. All caps will be distributed at Thanksgiving time to A Kid’s Place for distribution to neglected and abused youth who don’t have winter caps.

Floriculture Department – Flower Arrangements - Exhibitors in flower arrangement classes will be given the opportunity to indicate at entry time if they would like to donate their floral arrangements to Hospice and Palliative Care of Northern Colorado. Arrangements will be given to Hospice and Palliative Care of Northern Colorado for them to take to patients in their care. Arrangement themes will center on the 150th Weld County Anniversary. Theme “Prairie Proud - Weld County’s 150th Anniversary”

Class Name & Class Numbers


390 – Prairie Sunset: featuring yellows and reds using fresh plant materials.

391 – Amber Waves of Grain: An arrangement using dried plant materials.

392 – Home on the Range: fresh plant materials featuring a special container that helps interpret the class name.

393 – The Rivers Run Wild: A horizontal arrangement using fresh plant materials predominantly featuring blues and greens. Ribbon may be used.

394 – Little Town on the Prairie: A miniature arrangement no more than 8” in any direction using designer’s choice of plant materials (including dried).


790 – The Old School House: A designer’s choice arrangement using fresh plant materials.

791 – Ride ‘em Cowboy: Designer’s choice arrangement using dried plant material.

Food Preservation Department – Food Gift Packs – This class will consist of Gift Baskets of an assortment of any canned and/or dried product to commemorate how our ancestors preserved the harvest of their gardens. Baskets will be given to Weld County Retired Senior Volunteer Services (RSVP or Senior Corps) to distribute to Seniors within Weld County.

Food Sculpture Contest – Limited to 5 entries. Individuals, businesses, groups who enter will build a food sculpture using food they have acquired through donations in a 4 ft x 9 ft area. Sculptures will be at the Weld County Fair in the Events Center West Conference room foyer. Food will be donated to the Weld County Food Bank or other Weld County Food Pantries. Entries are being taken now.

Hand Stitchery Department – 150th Weld County Anniversary Sampler – July 26-8:00am – 11:00am For this class, exhibitor is to make a “design” sampler commemorating the 150th Weld County Anniversary using one or a variety of stitches. Many hand stitchery technique may be used. First Place winner exhibit will be donated to the Silent Auction for the Grand Opening of the new County Building, November 21, 2011, and funds will be donated to Envision.

Photography Department Historic Places in Weld County – This entry should be an 8’ x 10” photograph and include a short paragraph on a card no bigger than a post card about the historical site and where it is located. It does not have to be a site dating back 150 years, just a site of historic value to Weld County. County Commissioners may select several pictures to be included as part of the art on permanent exhibit as the Weld County Building that will open November 21, 2011. Enter knowing you may have to donate your picture.

Vegetables & Crops Department – Vegetable Rescue - There will be boxes marked for the Weld County Food Bank in which you can put any vegetables exhibited at the fair vs. taking them home or just leaving them/ If the vegetable is of quality use, it will be gathered up after 5:00pm Sunday and put in the Weld County Food Bank box.